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Take a fun, interactive workshop and experience your identity in God. I’ve turned my extensive knowledge of neuroscience (basically how God made our brains) into easy to understand and practical information that you can apply right away to grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ and become grounded and rooted in God's love. 

40 Days in God's Presence

God's Presence Workshop

Zoom workshop begins October 31

12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time

Cost: $15 one time fee for all 7 weeks

Have you ever wanted to do something different during the holidays? Something meaningul that leads to spiritual growth instead of more stress? Well this year you can! Join this 7-week workshop and deepen your experience of God.  Spend just one lunch on one day a week for 7 weeks and 10 minutes or less a day reading a 40-day devotional.

You will connect with other believers as we focus on how to increase our awareness of and appreciation of our Great God. Each workshop will contain a brief lesson (i.e., the power of mini-habits) and then discussion opens for all participants to ask questions and explore the topic. 

The first workshop is the day before All Saints Day so that you can begin the devotional on November 1st. By Thanksgiving  three weeks later, you will have a fresh spiritual perspective. Finally, the last workshop is December 12th before the real rush of Christmas begins. The forty days ends on December 10th so you have two extra days flexible days

We will read through a 40-day devotional written by Alan Vermilye based on the classic Christian work by Brother Lawrence who wrote: The Practice of the Presence of God. The devotional is a free Kindle book that you can find by clicking the button below. You can sign up through Eventbrite. An optional daily email reminder and encouragement is available at sign up.

Four Colors Workshop

Discover Who God Made You to Be
Using the Four Personality Colors

November 4, 2023

In-Person Plano, TX (Dallas-Ft. Worth area)

1:00-5:00 p.m. Central Time

Cost: $25

Which color are you? Are you Green, Gold, Orange, or Blue? Sign up today and find out! This workshop uses quizzes, picture cards, colors, games, videos, and group interaction to help you discover who you are and get energized about it!

Jae Carter is a psychologist and certified in Personality Dimensions® which identifies your Personality Temperament. To make learning memorable, this system uses vivid colors to stand for the four categories: Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Resourceful Orange, and Authentic Blue. This life-changing workshop allows you to embrace your unique self and gain insights into internal motivations. Using fast and easy methods, you will discover your own Personality Temperament and get clues into other people.
Or you may already know your Colors or Temperament. Have you already taken one of the wildly popular 4-category tests before such as True Colors®, DiSC®, or Keirsey Temperament Sorter© at work or church? These workshops usually uncover how we see each other for team building, communication, or conflict resolution – all great goals. 

My discovery workshop extends the four Temperament Colors to focus on how God sees you. It’s going to be like peeking in a secret window of how God designed you for Himself from the beginning, and why God delights in you.

You are probably aware that you have more depth and variety than most people know about you. This unique and sometimes hidden set of traits shows God’s fingerprints on you. God created you in His image, and Peter (1 Peter 4:10-11) emphasizes how we use our gifts for serving one another in the church, the body of Christ. Before we can answer, “What am I good at and how should I serve?” we have to answer, “Who am I in God?”

People Bingo
What is Personality Temperament?
Discover Your Unique Color Spectrum
Group Exercises 

  • How Your Primary Color Shines

  • How God Sees You

  • How Colors Worship God 

Tying it All Together

Sign up today through Eventbrite!

Randy C., Denton

"I liked best seeing how each (perceived) negative is really a positive trait. I learned about what motivates each color. "  -Invited workshop on Personality Dimensions®

Carla, Denton

"I liked best learning about each color and why they see the world as they do."
-Invited workshop on Personality Dimensions®

Participant, Austin

"I loved the interactive part of the presentation. Some great resources. This was the most encouraging workshop I've ever attended."  -Christian Counseling Association Annual Meeting
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